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grow lonely and
cold and
so we flock to
in search of
fool's gold in the
places where we
gather, seeds of
cities there are
sewn, we throw
tangled throngs of towers up to
the struggle to the
promised land is our
all consuming
and so we claw with
fingers raw, our bloody
history is
a spire of spines will
scrape the stars, though
built from our bones, this
rook transcends, and now the
bodies of the architects
with broken teeth and shredded necks
are shining in the light we had our eye on

we had torn the very sky
he, and she, and you, and i, those words that
stood between us flew and we were
one, but then
babel burned and crashed, and the
builders' bodies thrashed, they rolled in
dust to put out fires caught when
babel touched the sun, and so we
babble on, we babble on,
babylon oh babylon,
we babble on, we babble on oh.

scattered, the
people, are
speaking, in
and the planet, grows
cold, like the
time, she was
but though battered, covered in
dust, the
builders and the shepherds, are still
walking among us and we rise
we stagger back to water now, to
fill our broken cups, and we will
will reclaim
we will keep on raising towers 'till they
tumble down in flames, and so we
babble on, we babble on,
babylon oh babylon,
we babble on, we babble on oh


from Cosmic, released January 31, 2011




Monrovia Purchase, New York

Monrovia is a folk/singer-songwriter/lofi project that forays into ambiance sometimes, started by Andrew Russell in Nutley, New Jersey in the summer of 2009. In January 2011, Monrovia released Cosmic, the first collection under the Monrovia name. Andrew writes and records the songs mostly in Nutley, where he grew up, or at SUNY Purchase in Purchase, New York, where he goes to school. ... more

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