The Buffalo Song

from by Monrovia

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alarm bells & sirens are sounding are sounding are sounding
and my family of travelers swiftly herded outdoors
there's rumors, and omens abounding abounding abounding
and the crackling air predicts a terrible storm

along came a shepherd to lead us to lead us to lead us
back to our homes before the
wind started blowing
the thunder and lightning in needles in needles in needles
gathers on the horizon
so we'd better be going

but i stray from the flock now
& duck into a room
& i put down a simple tune it says
the buffalo are coming home
the band hasn't noticed i'm missing i'm missing i'm missing
they've continued to move but i see they're not too far away
i slip back among them - we stop and we listen we listen
to the big-bellied clouds start to lose the first of the rain

& now how the rain it was falling was falling was falling
in fat heavy drops and, it was warm on our faces
we should go inside but we're stalling we're stalling we're stalling
enthralled with the sense that we're revealing new places

the locked up old door it was open was open was open
had been that way the whole year
if only we'd tried it
we know we're not sure but we're hoping we're hoping we're hoping
and whatever this wave is
we think we can ride it

but the rain starts to sharpen
and the storm's taking hold
so it's time to come in from the cold
the buffalo are coming home
inside now, our glasses are fogging are fogging are fogging
and the steam from the heater's seeping down into our bones
i see the old shepherd, he's slogging he's slogging he's slogging
through the barreling gale, he's on his way to his home

i duck back outside now to thank him to thank him to thank him
for braving the maelstrom, and for leading the way
a beard has sprung up like a blanket a blanket a blanket
i see steel in his eyes, although it covers his face

and i see a spot in the distance the distance the distance
it's black and it's growing, and it's rushing straight at us
the building is rocked but resistant resistant resistant
still a brother is ashes, and a window is shattered

&oh now the window was covered was covered was covered
in the bodies of the little birds that had made up the cloud
i called for my friends and my lover my lover my lover
but try as i may there's simply noone around

the stars will send through you
all the gifts that they give
o but will you lose the will to live
the buffalo are coming home


from Cosmic, released January 31, 2011




Monrovia Purchase, New York

Monrovia is a folk/singer-songwriter/lofi project that forays into ambiance sometimes, started by Andrew Russell in Nutley, New Jersey in the summer of 2009. In January 2011, Monrovia released Cosmic, the first collection under the Monrovia name. Andrew writes and records the songs mostly in Nutley, where he grew up, or at SUNY Purchase in Purchase, New York, where he goes to school. ... more

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