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i know you, i've
seen you before - in
passing, i've glimpsed you through a
window on some
vast enchanted view, and
you are the door to this
world i've never made it

just beyond my reach, something
lingers in the air, like your per-
-fume, or the whirling of a
dancer, or the
waves that brush some beach, the
wind warm and fair, in your
care, i feel closer to the

and when i
finally saw your face, we were at a
big bonfire you could probably see from space
and we neither of us said a word, cause we were
both of us too terrified of ruining the moment, and
up to the sky like the whirling embers
out of our fear on that smoky december night
blossomed something frighteningly bright
o the light ate up our houses
set them on fire with all our
loved ones inside
and the flames spiraled higher, in some
heliocentrical swirl for just a minute or two
i think maybe i said something to you
that you couldn't hear for all that wind
but the words that flew by didn't matter
cause we were both of us convinced we were watching something begin


from Cosmic, released January 31, 2011




Monrovia Purchase, New York

Monrovia is a folk/singer-songwriter/lofi project that forays into ambiance sometimes, started by Andrew Russell in Nutley, New Jersey in the summer of 2009. In January 2011, Monrovia released Cosmic, the first collection under the Monrovia name. Andrew writes and records the songs mostly in Nutley, where he grew up, or at SUNY Purchase in Purchase, New York, where he goes to school. ... more

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