Cosmic is now Open​-​Source!

by Monrovia

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By which I mean I've packaged all the original multitracks (plus a few sketches and alternates, like the early buffalo song sketch heard here) for free download here:
Free to use as material in any context, under an Attribution Share-Alike Creative Commons license. Read more in the lyrics.


Feel free to remix or chop up or sample or do whatever to these sounds, and use them in your own creative projects. (Feel more than free, I encourage it!) Or, just explore and have fun. You can use this material however you want because all of my music is released under a creative commons license (Attribution-ShareAlike, specifically) but remember, that same license says that whatever resultant works you release need to be under a similar license - that is to say, free to use in the same ways. Spread the love!

I'm doing this for a few reasons. For one thing, i think that it might be fun to be able to pick the songs apart, hear little details, and in the case of the sketches and stuff, hear their developments. I've always been a big fan of bootlegged demos and the like: they add a whole dimension to the character of my favorite musicians. I'm trying to offer that more intimate perspective along with the (cough) polished album.

Another reason though is to make the record kind of "open-source," to adapt a programming-community term. Open-source programs have the written programs themselves, the "source codes," free, out in the open, to edit and build on. This way, the community can share knowledge and resources, to everybody's benefit, as the program gets collectively developed and refined.

I think this model is applicable to all sorts of things today, not least art and music. The creative community hinted at by the creative-commons name is no coincidence. What i want to do here is give this material to the community so it can be used, re-used, altered, twisted, whatever, in that same spirit of sharing resources that open-source programmers espouse, for the sake of common artistic exploration.

You can learn more about this and other Creative Commons licenses here:


released July 29, 2011




Monrovia Purchase, New York

Monrovia is a folk/singer-songwriter/lofi project that forays into ambiance sometimes, started by Andrew Russell in Nutley, New Jersey in the summer of 2009. In January 2011, Monrovia released Cosmic, the first collection under the Monrovia name. Andrew writes and records the songs mostly in Nutley, where he grew up, or at SUNY Purchase in Purchase, New York, where he goes to school. ... more

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